Modern Ancient

Jeannie Ortiz & Kyle Cunningham

Artists and Adventurers.  We live in sunny Truth or Consequences New Mexico, moments away from the banks of the Rio Grande and in the foothills of the Greater Gila region.  We search out the wild corners of the world, exploring and learning, bringing back stories and impressions and then set ourselves fast at work to create objects to share. 

The modern is ancient in our work.  We live inside the rhythms of the world not outside and apart from them.  We remember that nature exists and we are merely but humman, small creatures on this great piece of rock hurtling around the sun.

Jeannie Ortiz

Fiber artist extraordinaire.

Kyle Cunningham

Painter & Stone Sculpture.

Generally too tall.

Origin Myth

Jeannie and Kyle walked naked from the desert, found an empty art studio and made it their own.